Handmade British Merino Wool Bed Buddies

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091B Merino Wool Bed Buddies - Medium 5-7 £28.00 Add
091C Merino Wool Bed Buddies - Large 7-9 £28.00 Add
091 Merino Wool Bed Buddies - Small 3-5 £28.00 Add

Product Information

Once you have tried our pure merino woollen socks you will never want anything else!!

Bed Buddies are handmade in Kent by Spinning Earth, using pure organically processed, luxury merino wool from Romney Marsh Wools, they are knitted on a hand knitting loom 1/3 larger than their finished size and then undergo a felting process to strengthen the integrity and durability of the fabric while keeping that super softness that Merino is renowned for.
Socks made from Pure Wool have several advantages: as well as providing a cosy layer around your feet, they will equalise their temperature so your feet do not overheat and draw moisture away from the skin surface letting your feet breath.  Wool also neutralises odours and has anti-bacterial properties.

How can you resist nature’s complete natural comfort?

The perfect gift!

Gift wrap options are available, please contact us on 01233 721 800 for more information.