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British Merino DK Yarn - 100g Skein

British Merino DK Yarn - 100g Skein

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Natural Homegrown Yarn

Each year after shearing our sheep we carefully hand pick the highest quality 100% British Merino fleeces from our own flock which are then used to create our special recipe of wool.

Merino sheep are world famous for having the highest quality fleece of any breed of sheep and, once spun into yarn, the short and fine staples create a luxuriously soft yarn which is great to work with. Merino yarn is ideal for knitting wearable items as the finished product will be soft and smooth against even the most sensitive of skin.
Our Merino yarn is available in DK or 4 Ply knits.

Wool                        Weight        Length           Tension (10cm x 10cm)              Needles    
Merino DK               100g            174m              26 rows x 20 stitches                    4mm