British Merino Knit Kit - Welcome to the World

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Welcome to the World 'Baby Knit Set' for babies 0-3 month (Knit Level Beginner)

Each year after shearing our sheep we carefully hand pick the highest quality Merino fleeces from our own flock which are then used to create our special recipe of wool.

The Merino is world famous for its very fine and soft wool, making it wonderful to touch and wear and ideal for your little baby to feel warm and cosy.  Wool has the wonderful ability to breathe with skin and therefore you can never overheat your little one.  This wonderful knit set also has instuctions to knit up a cuddly little lamb to be loved and cherished.

Our unique knitting pattern has been lovingly created and designed by Julie Bishop who has been knitting all her life.  Julie is passionate about British Wools and passing her skills and knowledge on for ALL to enjoy and therefore this set has been created at a knit level for Beginners.  We hope you will knit with love your simple yet stylish design. 

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​Materials included: 100g pure British Merino yarn, 4mm needles, stuffing, label, black yarn for the eyes.

Gift wrap options are available, please contact us on 01233 721 800 for more information.