Handmade Natural Sheepskin Booties

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085-2 Kids Size 2 £20.00 Not Available
085-3 Kids Size 3 £20.00 Not Available
085-4 Kids Size 4 £20.00 Not Available

Product Information

Natural Suede Baby Booties with lambswool inner.  Handmade in the UK these incredible soft and unlined booties will keep litte toes warm.  

Wool is healthy...the fibre of wool has evolved to keep sheep cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold.  Therefore when your little one is cold the wool fibres trap air creating an insulating layer but when they begin to get hot and perspire wool helps to cool down by drawing moisture away from babies skin helping little one cool naturally.

Gift wrap options are available, please contact us on 01233 721 800 for more information.