Fears 100% Romney Wool Watch straps- Mens

  • Fears Wool Straps are hand crafted using special Romney Marsh Wool
  • "Standard" fits wrists measuring 178 - 210mm (approx.)
  • "Shorter" fits wrists measuring 164 - 197mm (approx.)

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Hand crafted using a special fine wool from Romney Marsh Wools that is woven into a contemporary stripe pattern in Britain.

Using the natural colours of the fleece, the wool comes from Romney sheep who graze only 16 miles from the Fears headquarters in Canterbury, Kent. The Romney sheep fleece is considered to be one of the finer British Wool Breeds making it ideal for watch straps.

Wool's natural elastic, hard-wearing properties mean that the straps maintain their appearance in the longer-term whist also being both stain and odour-resistant.

The straps are hand made in a family-run Belgium atelier who have specialised in making watch straps for over 40 years. The Fears Blue lining of the strap denotes it being part of the Fears premium range of watch straps. Each strap is dual branded with Fears and the Romney Marsh Wool's logo.

All Fears Wool Straps are designed to fit both the Fears Redcliff and Brunswick watches as well as all watches with a 20mm lug width - please email us before order if you'd like to confirm if the strap will fit your watch.

As with all straps made by Fears, the Fears Wool Straps feature Quick-Release spring bars to allow them to be fitted to the watch with no tools in a matter of moments. The straps are fastened with your choice of either a Stainless Steel or Dual-Gold plated pin buckle.

Fears Wool Straps are available in two sizes:

  • "Standard" fits wrists measuring 178 - 210mm (approx.)
  • "Shorter" fits wrists measuring 164 - 197mm (approx.)



A strap will usually last for approximately 12 months, though how it's looked after will affect this greatly. Wool's natural fibres mean that the first few weeks of wear will see several fibres work loose, however, these will decrease as time goes on.

How to care for a Fears Wool Strap

  • At the end of the day when taking the watch off, use a clean cloth to wipe any excess moisture from the whole strap, especially the underside
  • As with any watch strap made from a natural material you should avoid it coming into contact with water, salt or perspiration
  • Try and avoid excess flexing of the strap as this can result in the leather lining cracking or creasing unnecessarily
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