Romney Marsh Shepherdess Decoration



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**Limited Edition**

Our new limited edition shepherdess decorations are made from our own Romney topped fleece and are dyed using natural dyes including Kentish walnuts, madder, nettles and dyers mulberry. They are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree or in a nursery.

Each shepherdess is beautifully hand-crafted by the incredibly talented Rachel from Ophelia Dolls. Each shepherdess comes in a gift box complete with a card with her own unique number, with only 150 being made these truly are Limited Edition!

They feature our signature Romney Marsh shepherd's crook, the basis of our logo and a design of crook which is unique to the Romney Marsh. The crook was specially designed with a long handle for helping sheep out of ditches and a wide curve on the "R" of the crook to fit the large size of the Romney sheep.

6 individual designs available:

Willow -  Blonde with Green Dress

Elderflower - Brunette with Green Dress

Blossom - Blonde with Pink Dress

Holly - Brunette with Pink Dress

Rose - Blonde Red with Pink Dress

Carnation - Blonde Red with Green Dress

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