Natural Kentish Lavandin Essential Oil


A strong, cleansing and refreshing scent with elements of camphor.

  • Good for room fragrancing in pot pourri, oil burners or candles.
  • Moth deterrent (add to washing powder in a machine or sprinkle in drawers to fragrance clothes and linens).
  • An insect repellent (safe for use directly on the skin).
  • Sprinkle inside sports shoes to keep them sweet!
  • Inhale a few drops on a handkerchief to help clear a stuffy nose or a drowsy head.

If you are looking for something to relax and help you sleep, then try our Kentish Lavender Oil or Sleepy Scent.

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Our natural products lend themselves towards comfort and relaxation. Using pure lavender/lavandin flowers and oil, local Kentish hops, together with our own natural fleece, we have developed a range that encompasses the entire home. Lavender and Lavandin have markedly different characteristics and uses.

Lavandin essential oil is distilled from the flowering tops of lavandin plants. Kentish Lavandin Oil has a different chemical profile, and has elements of camphor within it. This gives it a powerful, stimulating and uplifting scent. Therapeutically it can be an aid for easing breathing or tired, aching muscles.

Envigorating ' Penetrating ' Energising

Extracted from  Lavandula x intermedia, a high-yielding variety grown in Kent, Kentish Lavandin Oil has a different chemical profile with about 10'12% camphor. This gives it a powerful uplifting scent so it can therefore act as a mild stimulant. Therapeutically it can be an aid to breathing ' helping to clear a blocked nose ' and the camphor also makes it an effective moth and mosquito repellent. Its uses are therefore in outdoor candles, general household products, hand-soaps, room and linen sprays, and therapies for easing breathing or tired, aching muscles. It is NOT appropriate for a relaxing bedtime bath!

Lavandula x intermedia Gross. Allergens: Linalool and Limonene

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