Tunbridge Wells Farmers Market

Date: 22/12/2012


22nd December Christmas market is on a Saturday 12-6pm The countryside in the Tunbridge Wells area lives up to its reputation as the Garden of England. Virtually year round supplies of locally grown organic and non-organic fruits, vegetables, locally produced meats and other produce mean that local people and visitors alike can take advantage of the best this area has to offer in food and drink. The area is particularly known for its soft fruits, such as cherries, strawberries, raspberries, also for apples and pears, honey, cob nuts, asparagus, hops (used for making beer), and locally produced wines. Regular Farmers' Markets in Kent are becoming increasingly popular and ensure that seasonal, locally grown produce is relatively easy to come by. A FARMA approved Farmers' Market operated by the Council is held outside the Town Hall and Library buildings in Civic Way from 9am to 2pm. Farmers at this market come from a maximum of a 30 mile radius of Royal Tunbridge Wells, ensuring that the produce really is local. Please remember to bring a bag!