The Marsh Million

Published: 04/06/2014

We successfully applied!

Our company has been awarded an interest-free loan of £8,000. This will enable us to redevelop our website ' making it more interactive, appealing and fresh ' and upgrade our marketing. We are also looking for an apprentice to recruit to help with marketing, particularly around social media.

Applying for the loan was straightforward. Help is available at every stage of the process so completing the forms is definitely not a daunting task, even if you don't' feel that confident about filling them in. We were also kept fully informed throughout the process.

The best thing about the interest-free loans is that they give small businesses a great opportunity without having to take a big risk. This makes the loans manageable and the perfect platform from which to launch a business.

Thanks to the Marsh million we are now able to grow our business. I would urge every eligible business to apply.'


What is the Marsh Million?

· It's a three-year economic growth fund for the Romney Marsh, aiming to boost rural business in the area.

· It's backed by Magnox Ltd, Kent County Council, Ashford Borough Council and Shepway District Council.

· Collectively, they have contributed £1million to benefit small companies just like yours.

· The Marsh Million will also support new enterprises and boost access to training.

The scheme consists of:

· A Business Loan Scheme, offering interest-free loans to small businesses located on the Marsh.

· An Economic Projects Scheme, offering grant or loan support to projects of more general economic interest.

The minimum loan you can apply for is £2,500 and the maximum is £10,000. The Marsh Million loan can't form more than 80% of the total investment required. All loans must be repaid within five years.

The application process

It's very simple to apply. There are four stages in the process, and you will be provided with feedback at each stage.

Step 1 ' Pre-application

Step 2 ' Full application

Step 3 - Appraisal

Step 4 ' Approval

For helpful hints and tips on what successful applications consist of, and for more details on how to apply visit

The Marsh Million
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