Spring Has Sprung!

Published: 15/03/2017

There are many things that make the British countryside so idyllic and picturesque in the spring. The rolling hills of sunny yellow daffodils or the shaded woodland blushed indigo from bluebells. One thing many of us view as the early signs of spring is the lambs bouncing through the fields. We are so fortunate to have our farm that spreads acre upon acre and is home to our livestock of well over 1,000 ewes, which does mean that we currently have our hands full this spring.

Here is what a regular day look like at Romney Marsh Wools (During Lambing) for Paul Boulden...

6am Look around my lambing ewes on the Marsh. This takes about an hour, unless there are any issues we need to deal with. Go to the Farm and help my Aunt with the lambing flock near the farm.
9am Breakfast
After breakfast it's time to sort the lambs for tailing and marking, to be moved onto their summer fields.
Late morning ' once everything is sorted feeding time for the main lambing flock occurs.
12.30 lunch
After lunch we continue checking the lambing ewes and ewes and lambs in their summer fields. We also carry out any more jobs that are needed to be done.
5pm to 6pm ' checking outlying lambing flocks around the Marsh.
While the sheep are lambing we check them at about 8pm and again at 10 or 11 pm, and during busy periods they will be checked at other points overnight.

Although this is an exhaustive time of year there is nothing more satisfying than Welcoming New Life onto the our Farm :-)

Spring Has Sprung!
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