Moccasin Care

Published: 21/03/2016

If you are the proud owner of a pair of our handmade natural suede moccasins then we have great news for you; your moccasins are easier to clean than you might think!

Instructions for cleaning natural suede moccasins:

1.Brush a pencil eraser against the blemishes and stains on your moccasins. The rubbing action from the eraser easily cleans the dirty suede fibres

2.Use the suede brush to scrub in a circular motion the entire surface of your moccasins. The brush enhances and stimulates the suede material.

3.Spray suede protector over the moccasins. Apply a thin coat. Wait an hour and apply another thin coat. Avoid saturating your moccasins with the protector.

4.Allow the moccasins to dry for six hours.

5. Enjoy your nearly new moccasins all over again!

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We hope this helps you to give your well worn moccasins a treat!

Moccasin Care
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