Lanolin... What is it?

Published: 01/05/2014

Did you know...

Lanolin is the natural occurring fat in wool. Its waterproofing property keep the sheep dry and shed the water from their coats.

But lanolin is not only beneficial for sheep but also for us. Lanolin has many beneficial attributes, it is gentle, rich and soothing and helps keep skin hydrated. That is why sometimes it is used in many skin products like shampoos, hand and body lotions, hand washes, soaps, lubricants,... which protect and treat our skin. At Romney Marsh Wools we have a wonderful range of skincare products made from lanolin.

But what is the process and how do you extract the Lanolin?

Once the sheep have been shorn, the wool needs to be washed in hot water with a special wool scouring detergent to remove any dirt and wool grease. During the process the lanolin is continually removed by centrifugal separators, which turn it into a thick wax.


Romney Marsh Wools uses this beneficial byproduct in our branded toiletries range, why not visit our skincare range and try for yourself.

Lanolin... What is it?
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