Harvest Time!

Published: 02/08/2015

Its harvest time on the farm! That means all hands on deck for the next month to take advantage of every minute of good weather, it also means the production of feed and bedding for the sheep whose fleeces are used in the products we sell!

On Wednesday we were out harvesting approximately 40 acres of oats, which will feed our sheep throughout the winter months, when grass is scarce and low in nutritional value. The straw from the oats will also be used as a bedding for our Merino ewes when they lamb in the barn next spring!

These fields of oats were sown last September and have taken nearly a full year reach maturity and be ready for harvesting. Crop growing is definitely a long term investment of time, money and effort, but its worth it to know that we are producing high quality food and fodder for our sheep. Next on the harvesting list, Barley! Wish us luck!

Harvest Time!
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