From Field to Home: Our Romney Fleeces

Published: 05/06/2017

As summer fast approaches, weve decided to begin a new venture here at Romney Marsh Wools. Our work placement student, Katy Sharpe, tells more'¦

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Having worked previously with Romney Marsh Wools, I knew when I returned that I would have the opportunity to contribute towards more exciting projects with them. Currently, their fleeces (as wool) are available to members of the public via a selection of throws, scarves, cushions, and other woollen products. Additionally, however, they also sell small quantities of natural fleece, but they have recently decided to start selling several whole fleeces as-is. The Romney sheep has the highest quality fleece of any native British breed of sheep, with long, crimped staples that are easy to spin, creating yarn soft enough for use in the production of clothing. They are not bleached or dyed, and thus are perfect for hand dyeing.

On a sunny Tuesday at the beginning of June, Emma, the digital marketing manager, and I took a break from the office to visit Paul, Ginny, and Sam, busy shearing around 60 sheep. Stood amidst the roaring sounds of the generator, offset by the gentle bleats of ewes as they gallivanted around, showcasing their new looks, Emma and I carefully observed the sheep being shorn. From these 60 - along with the help of Ginny and Paul - we chose ten of the high-quality fleeces, and made these available to purchase as a whole fleece. Please click here to do so.

From Field to Home: Our Romney Fleeces
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