News from the farm - October

Published: 31/10/2019

The old nursery rhyme 'rain, rain up and away come again another day' sums up October very well. Seed corn is ready in the shed, tractors and drills were ready for the off and then nothing much happened. In the last few days of this month in between the downpours we have been attempting to drill something into the ground. Hopefully now just around the corner there will be some much needed better weather so that we can get planting properly in readiness for a good harvest in 2020.

The cows and sheep out and around on our farm and have been pleased to see the rain as the grass is back growing, albeit we are still having to supplement them with silage /straw bales. Some of our cows have been brought indoors as the ground they were on was getting too stodgy. They are happy in their winter homes. We have had a new baby calf born within the last week and both mum and baby are doing well.

We have now finished selling some of the sheep at our local Ashford market and our tegs ready for breeding have also found new homes. A new ram was purchased at the Romney show and brought home to the farm to impress his new girl friends. Hopefully a decent crop of Ronnie The Romney's offspring will be leaping and jumping about next March. The rest of the rams will be going to the ewes on our around the 5th of November (bonfire night), this is a lambing date of around the 1st April. The 2019 harvest is going off the farm, wheat, oats, barley and finally peas will continue to be sold over the coming months. The clock went back at the weekend which always seems like another milestone in the farming calendar, shorter days getting shorter still, although hopefully some lovely cold crisp mornings with the sun shining.


News from the farm - October
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