News from the farm - November

Published: 28/11/2019

Normally by the end of November the farm is fully drilled up, tractors parked up and the field's new crops are beginning to show their heads; however not this year.  Only approximately half the crop has been puddled in, what is less than ideal conditions, we can only wait to see if it will be OK.  It looks like there will be an awful lot of spring cropping next year,  it would be amazing if the weather stopped raining and we could have a decent amount of cold sunny days so that we can get on.

On a brighter note, the cows are all happy doing what boys like doing and the ewes seem delighted to have the boyfriends and the moment, hopefully the spring lambs will be a joy to see and put a smile on everyone's faces.

Some of the cows are still in the field with their coats getting shaggier to become like a rain mac to ward of the water.  The yearling stock have now been brought indoors and are now getting barley and silage to help put on weight, all seemed very happy to come into their winter homes.

A few calves have arrived in the last month luckily without any problems and with very proud mummies.  These include pet calf Bambi and super cute Heifer calf Bambino, who are enjoying being baby racehorses in the field before coming into the yard shortly.

Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago somebody set fire to one of our barns full of straw and hay.  The fire service was called and did a sterling job at putting the fire out, but alas the straw and hay was ruined either by the fire or water.  Luckily we have enough silage and straw elsewhere so that the cattle will not go hungry.  This could have been a very different story as a fortnight later some of the hay would have been removed so that some of the young cattle could live in there, but not an outcome to dwell on!

The end of 2019 is fast approaching - let us hope that the new year will be settled in all aspects!

News from the farm - November
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