News from the farm - June to September 2020

Published: 24/09/2020

Autumn always seems to land unexpectedly quickly, one day the temperatures are sweltering hot, children are on holiday and going to the beach with combines and tractors heading in all directions… then suddenly everything changes and children are back to school at last, the beaches are back to being empty and the combines get parked up back in their shed for the next 10 months. 

Harvest this year was a very mixed bag, Oli Seed Rape were not the flavour of the month and winter wheat was fairly good with what we managed to drill in the Autumn (which sadly wasn’t that much).  Spring crops such as Oats did well considering the lack of rain this year and the remaining crops were a little bit light and a bit like buying the lottery tickets, sometimes you had a nice small surprise but most of the time it was disappointing.  In summary, 2020 Harvest is on that we will not wish to revisit too often.

The Drill has started early this year and Oil Seed Rape went into the ground middle of August.  Winter Wheat has begun to be drilled mid-September and we are crossing our fingers that the weather pattern changes from that of last year.  Wheat drilling will continue over the next couple of months, together with Barley, Oats and Beans being planted.

The cows and calves are continuing to grow and escape on an almost daily basis due to their fields looking like bowling greens, even though we are feeding them silage & straw they are still convinced there must be a field of lovely lush grass somewhere in the vicinity and they are determined to find it.  Daily fence repairs have become the latest hobby and not one that most enjoy doing especially when it seems to have little effect.  There have been a couple of new additions to the herd with the latest baby calf being a brown with a white belt around its tummy.  It is always nice to have one marked so differently to the others 😊.  The remaining Autumn calves should be over the next two months. 

The lambs were all weaned from their mothers a while ago and are now ready to go to market in the market in the store sales over the next few weeks.  The ewes are being sorted out ready for rams to be introduced in October and November.  Hopefully if we have a bit of rain soon and the grass grows the sheep will be in a better condition when their boyfriends arrive and possibly have a few more things next spring.

With the nights drawing in so quickly and with evenings being quite chilly now, we know that winter is not that far away.  But we will enjoy the autumn as long as it lasts with its hedgerows abundant with Rosehips, Sloes and Blackberries knowing that the birds are having a feast whilst they can too.

News from the farm - June to September 2020
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