Blog of an intern: Something personal

Published: 03/08/2015

Friday, July 17

Today I have completed my interactive story and I suppose, officially completed the placement.

It has been a fantastic three weeks and I have learnt so much, having expanded on the skills I already had ' both practical and personal ' as well as learning a great deal about farming, sheep and of course, wool.

During my MA, I often struggled with filming for TV packages and did not even know certain elements that could be added to a Flash project to make it more fun and engaging.

Now, I feel confident that I can produce, cut and edit a high-quality film and put together an interactive story that will keep audiences interested.

While we are always learning whether we are starting out somewhere new or in a senior position at the top of our game, to be able to improve these skills before finding a job will be extremely valuable.

And then there's the more personal benefits to the placement. I developed my interviewing and networking skills which has given me more confidence and in turn, encouraged me to challenge myself and try new things to produce something even better.

I have had the chance to meet some incredibly inspiring people and explore an area which I have never even considered doing so before.

It's one thing to tell a person about something you feel passionately about but it's another to make them feel that passion too.

But now, I can honestly say that my views on man-made and natural products, supermarkets and local businesses and country life in general has massively changed.

While I'm not going to become a hard core campaigner or tie myself to a tree anytime soon, I will actively tell my friends and family and everyone else I meet along the way about the benefits of wool.

My time at Romney Marsh Wools has been a wonderful insight into an area that was once unknown to me. Of course, this is largely due to Kristina, Paul and their apprentice Emma being so welcoming and exceptionally helpful.

I would absolutely encourage everyone to visit their website ( and try out their products or better yet, become a representative. They really are a fantastic company to work for.

-- by Jayna Rana

Blog of an intern: Something personal
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