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Published: 03/08/2015

Friday, July 10

It's been a challenging but incredibly productive week. I have utilised every journalistic skill I have learnt over the last year be it conducting an interview, editing some audio or enhancing an image using Photoshop.

But most difficult/exciting/inspiring of all was my day at the Kent County Show. I guess this would be my first real experience of being 'on-site' for a set amount of time and having to use that time as best as I could to obtain the most content. And it went really well.

I met a whole range of interesting people including Pat Alston, Director of Romney Tweed which is a community interest company, which was initially set up because Kristina has to send her wool all the way to Wales to be transformed into the luxurious items it is sold as.

While Roger, her weaver, does an excellent job, it can't be very time or cost-effective for it go all that way and back again.

And so, Romney Tweed, with the support of Romney Marsh Wools, is finding a way to teach local people the skills to do this right here in Kent. Not only would this project help create local jobs, but it would also help local businesses.

I also met the Young Farmers, a lively and enthusiastic bunch of children and young people that love everything agriculture. I particularly enjoyed watching them in the fancy dress parade which also involved dressing up the sheep!

But most of all, I enjoyed meeting other small local businesses in the 'Produced in Kent' section of the site.

It's great to see local people using local produce and promoting Kent, their city, their village. What's more, it's great to see them doing this at events like the Kent County Show, where they can get an incredible amount of exposure.

Of course, amongst them was Romney Marsh Wools, which was ' unsurprisingly ' a huge hit over the weekend. Their stand was often crowded with customers wanting to try the lanolin-infused creams or have a stroke of the incredible soft Merino wool rugs.

Some were even happy to comment on just how wonderful their products were for the video I was putting together.

Along with the Kent County Show video, I have also since produced several clips on different areas of what makes Romney Marsh Wools the company it is today.

From the story behind the brand's unique logo to what made Kristina decide to set up the company in the first place, I hope the 'interactive story' will really give people a personal insight into Romney Marsh Wools.

I have also added some extra sounds and animations to make the story even more interactive. Matilda Rose's ( pictures are absolutely stunning and complement the whole design nicely.

-- by Jayna Rana

Blog of an intern: Something Kent
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