News from the farm - October 2020

Published: 08/11/2020

October landed and almost instantly become horrible, high winds & deluges are not at all helpful when you are trying to plant winter crops of wheat, barley, and oats.  Luckily, we had got on in September and had a reasonable amount planted, but still left with a lot to do.  In between the downpours of rain some drilling took place, usually requiring international rescue in the form of the bigger tractor to pull someone out of the wet hole (interesting times as they say with short tempers and severe frustration to match). 

With Halloween taking place last Saturday, pumpkins were carved but no trick or treating for the children, however they had a fun evening of fireworks and Halloween haunts instead around the farm.  Our indoor cows were also incredibly pleased with some of the pumpkin pulp, the rest being made into soup and pumpkin cake and very tasty they were too.

November seems to have started in much better vein weather wise - sunny days, cold nights and dry - this is what we need to finish things off on the arable front.  Some of the cows with the younger calves decided they wanted to come home, they patiently waited at the closest gate which when opened they just walked down the road and into their winter yard, settling immediately.  The Heifers have also come in as their field gets very stodged and quickly resembles a rugby pitch if they are left out too long.  The Steers are also in, so the indoor yard is almost full now.  The main herd are still out but they have got a shed they all retreat to when the weather gets bad, so they can stay out until December being fed a bale of silage a day.

The sheep have all been sorted and put in their various groups, some rams are already on, with the rest being put on to the ewes over the next couple of weeks, ready for April lambs.  This year’s lambs have been going off to the market in a steady stream, prices have been remarkably good this year considering the high numbers around.

With another lockdown things are probably going to get a bit more difficult again although we can carry on working, supplies can be erratic which can be a nuisance when you want to get on.  We must count our blessings though as many people are finding doing their own jobs impossible.  The end of this year is in sight, let us all hope that 2021 is an improvement on this one.

News from the farm - October 2020
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