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Goldenhurst Natural British Merino Sheepskin Rug

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047 Merino Sheepskin Rug (single) £200.00 Low Stock

Product Information

Our single sheepskin rugs are beautifully soft and thick, and renowned for warming, cooling and even healing properties. Easy to maintain, versatile and texturally superb - sheepskin is even non-allergenic.

Each Merino sheepskin fleece is made in from 100% luxury Merino skin, renowned for being the finest quality fleece in the world. It is wonderfully silky and soft, and great use as a play mat - it can accompany your baby everywhere. All our rugs are individually selected and take time, care and expertise!

All our sheepskin rugs are machine washable and last for years. No bleaches, dyes or toxic chemicals have been used in the raw materials or in the process. They are tanned using a unique organically certified process which is BDA Organic certificate 323, Defra UK6 and also complies with SA standards.

Our tanner uses pure Mimosa extract from plantation grown trees in South Africa, which gives a warm, soft fleece, minus the dirt and debris. It is suitable for people, babies and other animals.

NB. All our skins are unique just like our sheep, so they will vary in size, shape and even shades. 

All the skins tanned are from our animals that have gone into the food chain.

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