Handmade Natural Wool Lined Suede Moccasins With Soft Sole - Ladies

Code Name Price
088-3 Adult Size 3 £35.00 Add
088-4 Adult Size 4 £35.00 Add
088-5 Adult Size 5 £35.00 Add
088-6 Adult Size 6 £35.00 Add
088-7 Adult Size 7 £35.00 Add
088-8 Adult Size 8 £35.00 Add
088-9 Adult Size 9 £35.00 Add

Product Information

Our Moccasins are handmade using 100% natural lamb’s wool and lambs suede.

The design is made snug to form part of the foot of the wearer over time.  The suede gently stretches to the natural contours of the foot as it is worn, creating grooves and imprints in the sole perfectly suited to fit the feet of the wearer.

Lovingly handcrafted, these suede and sheepskin classics will give faithful service for many years.

Gift wrap options are available, please contact us on 01233 721 800 for more information.